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Hafa Adai & Tirow!

Welcome to the Division of Employment Services page. The division is composed of the Citizen Job Availability and Citizen Job Placement sections. The division operates & monitors the job vacancy announcement (JVA) system, produces and analyzes JVA reports, provides job matching and placement services, conducts job follow-up services, and coordinates resources from other agencies for job readiness.


NMI Administrative Code

§ 80-20.1-020 Citizen Job Availability Manager

The Manager of the Citizen Job Availability Section shall manage the forecasts as to job availability over rolling 12-month periods, monitoring of databases with respect to jobs that will become available for citizen placement, maintaining and analyzing reports from employers and employees on jobs currently active in the economy, monitoring compliance with NAICS and O-NET classification requirements, and other matters as assigned by the Secretary.


§ 80-20.1-025 Citizen Job Placement Manager

The Manager of the Citizen Job Placement Section shall operate the JVA system, manage the work with individual citizens, CNMI permanent residents, and U.S. permanent residents to match persons seeking jobs to jobs that are or will become available, and to find and coordinate resources from other agencies for job readiness including any necessary training, internship, practice, or other prerequisites to placing citizens in jobs. This manager will also manage the follow-up after citizens are placed in jobs to ensure against hostile workplaces, help secure adequate opportunities to advance, monitor effective dispute resolution, and other matters as assigned by the Secretary.


Meet the Staff

Top left, Labor Certification Worker Dennis Cabrera, Labor Certification Supervisor James Ulloa, Labor Certification Tech. II Elaine Rosario,

Statistical Analyst Mariana Coates, Director of Employment Services Eugene Tebuteb.

Bottom left, Job Placement Assistant Olinka Cabrera, Job Placement Officer Alicia Agulto, Labor Certification Tech. I Lae Muna,

Job Placement Officer Manases Iguel.


Contact or Visit Us

For DES Inquiries : (670) 664-3190

Compliance Submissions: documents@marianaslabor.net     

Monday to Friday, Except Holidays : 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Capitol Hill, Saipan, MP 96950 | Building No. 1334



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2021 Annual Report                                                                                          2023 - 2nd Quarter

2020 Annual Report                                                                                          2023 - 1st Quarter

2019 Annual Report                                                                                          2022 - 4th Quarter

2018 Annual Report                                                                                          2022 - 3rd Quarter

2017 Annual Report                                                                                          2022 - 2nd Quarter

2016 Annual Report                                                                                          2022 - 1st Quarter

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